Foundations for Students: Bundle

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Foundations for Students presents the same content as Foundations: Bible Truths for Christian Growth to a younger audience. The same 12 doctrinal topics have been rewritten for upper elementary or middle school students.

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Foundations for Students is available in 3 manageable units of 12 lessons each. Students will be engaged in each lesson with illustrations, Bible memory activities, and review puzzles.

  • Unit 1, Your Relationship with God
  • Unit 2, Your Fellowship with God
  • Unit 3, Your Partnership with God

Foundations for Students is most effective when the student begins to own their faith for themselves. Students enjoy this inductive approach in a rich relationship with a more mature believer or in a small group setting. Our hope is that Foundations for Students will cultivate a life of learning (2 Timothy 3:14-15) in the hearts and minds of countless children.

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